Looking for a budget solution to automate the creation and organization of Microsoft Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint® documents? We'll show you how!

mydoxs gives the user plenty of possibilities to simplify his daily routine.

Create and organize your Office documents on a fly with built-in automation techniques of mydoxs!

Use pre-figurated templates or customize them for your Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint® documents.

Templates automatically establish the structure of a Word® correspondence with address, subject, references, salutation, complimentary close, date, cc, enclosures.

Email existing documents and files directly out of mydoxs!
Upload your Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint® files to a cloud service and have them available wherever you are!

Get direct access to recent Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint® documents. Never again memorize file names or where dcument files have been saved!

Register a response deadline for Word® documents and be alerted in case of missed deadlines each time you open mydoxs.

Word® documents published as PDF-Files are automatically listed and can be opened within mydoxs.

Scan external documents as PDF-Files and integrate them in a folder of your choice!

 All of this for € 4.75 (approximately US$ 5,00)